Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm 21!

Lily and I at my house.

My 20th was when I first stopped being excited about birthdays. The idea of no longer being a teen makes me feel so sad. As far back as I can remember I have always said "I never want to grow up!". I don't know, maybe I have watched Peter Pan too many times, but I defiantly still feel this way.
Oh man I wish I could just stay a kid forever. But no matter how hard I wish, the days go by and older I get.
So, of course I really wasn't looking forward to my 21st. I just tried not to think about it. I avoided planning my party(which is crazy for me because there is nothing I love more than party planning) and would let out a big sigh of sadness every time someone asked me about my fast approaching birthday.
But despite all of my negativity, my birthday turned out to be pretty darn amazing.
I felt so special and was really reminded of how freakin amazing my friends are.
Katherine went above and beyond. She even made me cry happy tears! haha.
If it wasn't for her I probably would have been crying about being old in a corner somewhere. But instead I was at Rakinos surrounded by all of my amazing friends with food, cake, decorations - having the most amazing time. She even went to the effort of getting my friends and family from all over the world to take photos of themselves holding a birthday message to me and put them on the wall. That was a pretty awesome gift, and surprise. 
I had a wee gathering at my house too, with the embarrassing speeches and all that jazz. I was a week long ordeal really. I was pretty exhausted by the end of it and I really couldn't have asked for much more. Maybe just that my big sis could have been here.
I guess, despite the fact I am old now, things aren't that bad. I have great friends and family and life is pretty sweet.
Thanks to all my friends and family who made my week AMAZING!

Me crying happy-tears at Rakinos.

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