Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Christmas Gift Guide

Maru loves Christmas.

I know it's a bit late to have only JUST started thinking about Christmas presents, but in true Maddy Budd style - better late then never!
I had a look around today and got a few good ideas, so I thought I'd share:

Arcade Crumb Tee. For your dad, brother or even your tomboy sister(I have one of these myself).

 Deer Dana Tees. There's one for everyone!

Bedrock Bones.

Japanese Erasers. 

Temple Stones. Plus a whole ton of other awesome gift ideas all from Pencil Boutique

Chup Socks. Only the best socks ever.

Ruby nail polish. Perfect little gift for your gal pals.

Country Road picture frames. Well actually pretty much EVERTHING from the Country Road home section. I'm actually obsessed.
And I know picture frames are the cheesiest presents ever but at least with this you actually get 4 and the present receiver can then throw away all of the other crappy picture frames they have. You could even put pictures of yourself in ALL 4 of them and give it to your mum and she'll love it!

Lonely Hearts Picnic Blanket. This is a good gift for a guy or a gal. 

Twenty-seven Names cushion. This would be the perfect gift for your sister or girlfriend to put on their couch or bed.

Hope this helps if you still have some Christmas shopping to do!


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