Monday, April 22, 2013

Photo Diaries: Summer is over

A lot has happened since my last photo diaries. Summer is well and truly over and I am back at uni now. I've been trying to go walking and paddle boarding as much as possible. Otherwise just uni work and spending time with all my amazing friends.
Here are some pictures of what I've been up to:

Nights out with the girls.

Chelsea with a pizza.

Studying on the beach.

Went surfing out at Forestry. So beautiful out there.

Lorenzo and Georgia are the best.


James and Kath #BlogLife.

Tyla and Lily babin' in their denim jackets at Golden Dawn.

Dinner with James and Ella in suburbia.


New cafe called The Honeytrap in St. Kevin's Arcade. Go check it out, the sandwiches are amazing!

Made Lamingtons!

The Caker book launch. If you haven't already go get one. They are the perfect gift.

Went to see Lorde's first ever live performance. She is amazing. I cried. Twice.

My best bud Oli!

My grandmas 84th birthday!

Kate Sylvester baseball!


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