Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Photo Diaries

Surf trip out to Forestry with Tim. 
Most of the photos are taken from my Instagram @maddybudd.

Today was my first day back at uni after mid-semester break and I'm actually glad to be back. The holidays had me feeling a bit bored and unmotivated. 
Managed to get out and go paddle boarding a bit which is awesome and I walk almost every morning now. Doing more exercise has made me feel 10 times better mentally and physically. I'm just more alert and energised. I think I'm a bit of an addict now, never thought that would happen!
Had a couple of good nights out and as usual spent plenty of time with all of my amazing friends.
So much uni work to do now. I'm totally procrastinating by writing this blog post.

Here are some photos of what I have been up to:

Had my last day working at Qubic.

Going to miss Jiahann!

My new Jack Purcell's. Love them so much!

Lazy days with J-Lowe.

Sam's birthday dinner.

Golden Dawn.

Aleysha being a babe.

Tom Green at the Comedy Gala.


Taryn and I having cuddles.

Sandra Bullock is my fave.

Rose's rad Mighty Ducks tee.

Lunch at Dizengoff with J-Lowe.

The Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony opening party at Area 51.

Jurassic Park 3D with Caitlin.

Best Ugly Bagels! So yum go try it.

The opening of the new dining area at Mexico. It is really awesome up there and now you can make bookings too!

Tried Sweetie Pie Cupcakes. So delicious and heaps of great flavors.

Late Night Diner is one of my new favorite spots.

Playing Wii with Sarah and Sarah.

Got out on the water with the girls!

Fair trade chocolate is the best.


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