Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo Diaries

Look mum I am actually studying!

I think I am at a stage of my life where I am still figuring a lot of things out, what I want to be, friends, relationships, how to look after my self (cook something other than mi goring). I’m learning new things about myself all the time and figuring out what I like.

Over the last few weeks I have really realised something. Something I have always known, and my mum says to me all the time.

It is that you can’t let your happiness rely on somebody else.

Whether that somebody else is a partner or just a friend, even the nicest people can and will let you down, and that doesn’t make them a bad person, it just makes them a person.
What I think I am learning is not to expect anything from people and then I won’t be let down. And I know that might sound super cynical but I’m not saying that everyone should be selfish, I still try to be reliable, caring and go above and beyond for the people I care about all the time! But I just don’t necessarily expect in return.

Here is what I have been up to lately...

Mum and I in our matching jumpers.

Tim after a surf in the rain.

Made mango salsa. I want to start cooking more, I actually find it really enjoyable now!

Studying at Diz. I've found getting out of the house to do some revision is a great way of making study kind of fun.

Snapchats with Evan. Miss this guy a lot.

Lani at the Ruby launch.

Getting my eyes tested. Turns out I actually do need glasses. I think it is from too much looking at my phone/computer.

Went fro a paddle board at Hamilton beach. I was really beautiful, perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Winter outfit. Vanishing Elephant sweater and parker, Trenery trousers and my favorite Jack Purcell's.

Dinner at Ken.

Went to Ella's (Lorde) first public show. She did great! Everyone was raving about how good she was.

Beanie weather!

Walks with mum.

Old photo I found of mum outside dads surf shop.

Tried The Lucky Taco Truck, sooo good.

Went to Spring Breakers. 

At Showroom 22.

Everyone before Rose Matafeo's show for the comedy festival. Just found out she won the Billy T award which is so awesome, she deserved it.

This ring is my favorite piece from the new Meadowlark collection.

The glasses I ordered! Can't wait to be able to see again!



  1. Firstly, just so my conscience feels clear, my motive for posting this comment wasn't to raise the views on my blog! I genuinely wanted to write one ,out of the kindess of my heart! This new outlook or mentality you have on life, is great! My psychologist (Yes I have one, i'm not crazy) gave me the exact same advice! Pretty much word for word! Did you come to conclusion on your own? If you did, you're super clever! LOL

    1. Hey Patrick!

      Thanks for your comment I actually took this post down but then your comment made me feel okay about it so I put it back up.
      And yes I did actually come to this conclusion on my own after some time pondering the many complicated situations in my life.

      Your blog is rad! Wish mine looked as cool as yours! Keep doing what you're doing! Cute is cool :)


    2. Thank goodness for the reinstatement! True story, I was actually starting to worry that I had posted it on another blog somewhere! This fearful thought triggered a whole bunch of others such as: 'Maybe I dreamed up the whole thing, do i have dissociative disorder? or 'That blogger is going to think i'm so weird posting a random comment that has nothing to do with anything' LOL Just an aside, why are all my comments on this website really garbled, and about mental health? Anyhow, to cut a short story, short! I'm glad you put it back up! Nwah thanks for the kind words! My blog is young, it has a long way to go! Also, fun fact, You & Katherine actually inspired me to start blogging! Also, why don't I use paragraphs? Have a great weekend (I didn't know how to finish that).