Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stuff I like: Holden Outerwear

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Fishtail Parka

It has been freezing the last 2 days which has got me thinking about the upcoming ski season. It also reminded me of this awesome outerwear brand.

I discovered Holden when I was over in Aspen visiting my big sis who was living there for a season. She had made friends with some of the cool-kids who worked at this awesome boardstore called Radio and I noticed they were all wearing Holden jackets. You know something is good when the locals are into it.

I've skied since pretty much before I could walk and so I've seen my fair share of ski jackets etc. So you can trust me on this one.
This stuff is functional and it looks damn good too which is hard to find with ski-gear.
They've somehow found a way of making ski jackets/pants that keep you warm and dry but don't make you look like a giant puffy goofball. Amazing!

Here are some of my picks...

Tila Jacket
In yellow too! My fave!

Bessette Jacket

RydellJ Jacket

Standard Pant

Standard Denim Skinny Pant

Insulated Flannel

They also did a super sweet Stussy colab for the guys...

M-65 Jacket (Stussy)

CPO Field Shirt (Stussy)


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