Saturday, June 8, 2013

Photo Diaries

Not the most exciting last week...
It's exam time and I have sooo much study to do. Trying to make my brain actually remember stuff it is supposed to remember (like not the colour of every T-shirt in my friends wardrobe) is proving difficult.   Sort of stressing out a bit, but also procrastinating in ways I had never imagined possible. I think I have watched more TV & YouTube over the last week then ever before in my life!

My laptop got stolen out of my car last weekend, which also sucks majorly. I hadn't backed up any photos or anything from the last 2 years. All gone. So people when you've finished reading this go and back up everything you have onto a hard-drive and then lock it away in a safe and bury it below the ground.  Learn from my mistakes. Seriously. I cried. But Katherine gave me a hug so it was okay.
Luckily mum doesn't need her computer, so I have just claimed that now. Or at least until we sort out insurance, which is yet another one of those grown-up things I still need to learn how to do.

Lessons learnt this week:
- Back your shit up
- Don't leave anything in the car (especially at night)
- Start studying earlier
- Winter blows
- But friends make everything better :)

Oh and Vine! My new favorite app! Trying to get more people to get it because it is seriously awesome. It's like Instagram but with 6 second videos. Get it and follow me I think my username is just Maddy Budd.

Since I lost a lot of my photos with my computer, this photo diaries post is a little bare...

Tyla and I are obsessed with Moustache at the moment. I think the main reason I go to uni is because I know we will get cookies on our break.

Still getting used to having glasses. They make me feel a bit dizzy and nauseous at times and fog up when I'm drinking my tea!

Had a bit of a jam-sesh with Aleister which was heaps of fun. Might do some cool stuff over the uni break! Watch this space!

Obsessed with san pellegrino at the moment. Love that little European fizzy drink jump-off!

Had a fun night out with the Sarahs! 

Oli snapchats just brighten up my day!

Love watching x factor. Especially when it involves besties and pizza.

McFlurry's - Another new obsession. 

Slightly stressed out coffee date with the girls.

Shop One Night was fun. Went and hung out, drank OJ and ate lollies with the blogger crew on the night.

Tried that new bakery at City Works Depot called Scratch.
Had the espresso chocolate doughnut and the ginger creme brûlée tart. Both were divine!

Studying at diz with Tyla. 

Mum is trying to perfect her chocolate cake recipe at the moment. I am enjoying this a lot.

This is the stuff that makes good marks. Aghh.


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