Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vanishing Elephant S/S Presentation

My favorite look. Obsessed with this jumper. It has a wave, a palm tree and a surfboard on it!

My outfit on the night, the matching alpine print shirt and pants from current season Huffer.

Went along to the Vanishing Elephant presentation/show on Friday night. Had a ridiculously good time. The show was great, it's almost as if it was made for me, ponytails, flicked eyeliner and menswear inspired womenswear. Loved the matching suits for the girls and their footwear is always spot on.
Afterwards it turned into a bit of a party with lots of dancing and lols. Best night I have had in a while.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention Benny from X Factor totally waved at me from across the catwalk. We are in love.

More pictures from the show below:

Kath and Ben!

Polka dots are always a winner.


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