Friday, July 19, 2013

Carhartt Lookbook Fall/Winter 2013

Good beanie.

I know I post up pretty much every Carhartt lookbook, but this is really really awesome okay!
It sort of makes me miss my old long hair and fringe (oh btw I have been having a very delayed post-haircut-crisis over the last week). 
I love that everyone is making yellow jackets now, they are great, so cute. But all of their jackets rule, that is definitely what they do best. 
Scruffy brunette girl in boys clothes - totes my jam.
These are my favorite images from the lookbook:


Dis jacket.

Everything here. I feel like this is an outfit I would wear most days.

This outfit too. I'm very into the all navy thing at the mo, plus those shoes rule.

That sweater is a winner.


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