Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Photo Diaries

Von Zipper / Damaged Goods Magazine Party with my girls Tyla, Aleysha and Lily.

I know it has been a while since I last did a photo diaries post but it's because all the cords that go from my photo to my computer have broken and I have an iPhone 5 so I can't use any of the spare cords lying round the house. But I found one when I randomly decided to clean out the drawer of bed side table the one on the side of the bed that I don't sleep on. If you get what I mean... anyway that story was pretty pointless but basically I have a cord now.

Mid-year break is over now, I had 6 weeks off and was sooo ready to start uni again. The past few weeks have been pretty awesome. Parties, bagels, surfing, friends, family, Sex and the City, concerts, shopping and blogging all make for a great holiday. Feeling refreshed and ready for the second semester!

Everything is just great at the moment. Busy and happy.

Here are some photos of what I have been up to:

Surfing up at Orewa with dad. It isn't actually too cold but your feet do get pretty numb after 2 hours in the water.

Zomer is like the Zus and Zo in Takapuna right by Huffer so it's great when I'm working there.

Caitlin's 22nd birthday at Dante's pizza.

Henrietta Harris did these chalk drawings on the walls at the Ruby/Liam office.

Bagels with J-Lowe. Best Ugly is my local now, I'm so addicted to those Yodi's.

Ladi6 at The Powerstation was awesome. 

Started watching Sex and the City during the holidays now I am up to season 4. I watch it so much I talk about Carrie as if she is one of my close friends now.

Mum and I snugged up in bed ready to watch X Factor.

Hangin' with my little cuz. Man I love kids.

Charlie came to Auckland for a couple days.

48 hour film fest with David and Hayden was very fun. Lots and lots of lols.

Katherine put on a little dinner party and the food was ridiculously good. Girl can cook.

Dessert wasn't too bad either.

The converse party with these guys. Love this bunch, all so lovely and know how to have a good time. Good people are what make a good party. 

Matt, Brooklyn and Lily at the Paper Pirates exhibition! Such a cool event hope you all got to go check it out!

Yep Sex and the City again.

Checking out the Neuw/Rollas range with Tom.

Tom and I in some of the awesome summer Rollas gear.

These Raf Simons shoe at Zambesi were made for Tom.

The X Factor finale with Dave, Justin and Tom! Go Jackie! Even though I was kind of hoping Benny would win.

Never not putting too much effort into my snapchats and also never not snapchatting and driving.

Sarah's new office is so sick/so tumblr.


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