Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Things To Do: Paper Pirates

Image taken from theshutterpirates.com

If you're into photography or are just looking something fun to do on Friday you should go check this out.
It is put on by my friends Tim and Joe who do the blog The Shutter Pirates.
A really awesome event, not to be missed.
So basically this is what it's about:

You print up to four of your photographs on cheap paper, A3 or larger, at work or somewhere else where you can print for free/cheap.
You then write a message for the soon to be owner on the back, roll them into a tube, and send them our way.
We will then plaster them to the walls of the great empty silos for everybody to take a look at.
Everyone comes along to look at the pictures and have a bit of a party, (here is the Facebook event) then at the end of the night people can rip them off the walls and take them home.

See you there!

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