Thursday, September 5, 2013

NZFW Day 1

I am currently sitting in this room I found at fashion week where there are comfy couches, power points, wifi access and a nice waiter-man with shaggy hair who brings you sparkling water and cracks jokes every once in a while. Not actually sure what this room is for but I'm pretty sure nobody really knows it is here and my shaggy-haired waiter friend seems lonely so I'm staying.

So it's actually day 2 now but I am going to write about day 1 now because I was too tired to do it when I got home last night and the next show is scheduled to start now so I have at least 20 mins till it actually starts.

Day 1 left me feeling a little overwhelmed and exhausted. It was pretty much shows back to back from 11am - 7:30pm. My feet have mad blisters and I need a milo and hug.

Here is a photo diary of my day...

I found my blogger pals Lani and Shirl out front getting street styled by the four eyes guys. I was such a beautiful day.

First show was twenty-seven names. I found Benny boy and Bex Lawson!

Anjali one of the designers peeking through the curtain from backstage.

I loved pretty much everything in this show. Twenty-seven names was probably the designer I was most excited to see and they did not disappoint!

Ashika, Derya, Kath and James hanging out front after the show.

Free candyfloss with Mino from four eyes.

Rosie Kelway from Fashion Quarterly lookin super chic as per.

M Bevz always looking super slick.

Natalie Cantell is here with Fashion One this year.

Company of Strangers had their show off-site in the car park of the Sofitel which is just down the road from the Fashion Week venue (but still too far to walk in heels). Off site shows are always a little more fun and exciting.

Emma and I sitting together at the Zambesi show.

Zambesi opened the walls right up exposing the entire back stage area so the audience could see everything going on back there. Such a cool idea. The collection was great too. Lots of black, grey and dark green. Very nice simple pieces. I'm a fan.

Ended the very long day and Ken with the crew. Felt good to take our shoes off and debrief on the day.


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