Monday, September 9, 2013

NZFW Day 2

Lani, Katheirne and I in a $6 cab ride cos we didn't want to walk in the rain.

Okay okay before you even start I know it has taken me ages to do my fashion week posts but I have been super busy and I wanted to sleep so I did.
But I feel like if i leave it any longer nobody will actually care about fashion week anymore.
By day 2 I was already feeling pretty exhausted so I wore comfy shoes a tied my hair back.
Here is the day in photos...

First show was at 11 and Kath had to stop by Showroom 22 so it was a pretty early start.
I caught a ride with her because she got a car park and I didn't, plus I was to tired to drive myself.
This is also a good time to say that Katherine is the best she is pretty much my mum/big sister/best friend/primary caregiver/PA all wrapped into one cute little package with a fashion hat on top. I seriously don't think I could survive at all without her.

First show was Deryn Schmidt in Shed 2.

When Katherine and I aren't seated together I just take creepy stalker photos of her and send them to her during the show.

Aych also decided to wear an awesome fashion hat. A guy she lived with made it and apparently the creation process involved putting it in the freezer.

Me in my warm comfortable outfit.

The hair at Deryn Schmidt was awesome.

I feel like I spend half of my day at fashion week on these escalators.

NYNE was pretty cool. They had live music as you can kind of see from this photo.

I love this outfit. It looks like a school boy outfit with a bit of a twist.

Babies in the front row. Soo many babies at fashion week this year.

Great pants, shoes and jackets.

Another baby.

Lani walking in the weddings show. Mega babe.

Awkward fashion chair.


The 'Underground' fashion installation was really cool. Each of the designers had their own section and model and they basically had to fill their section with the clothes and props etc that they wanted.
My favorite was definitely the photo above with Renee from Cylne for Miss Crab.
Presentations like this I think I prefer to a show. Presentations mean everyone can have a good close up look at the garment and also have the opportunity to take their time and get a decent photo. Presentations rule.



Blue Blank

Jimmy D


Underground Sundae

Jessica Grubsia

Thistle Brown


The media room.

Dave England pitched a tent in the middle of fashion week.

Kath and Steveo!

In the tent with Dave. He is actually a pretty cool dude.

Natalie Cantell interviewing Kath for Fashion One TV.

Trelise Cooper was pretty cool. She had a big elevated runway and half way through the show a white teepee fell from the roof. The collection had kind of a punk, english, schoolgirl vibe which meant there were some awesome trousers and coats.

That jacket was rad. This is a terrible photo but it was like a marching band jacket.

Cute dress.

The last show of the day was Stolen Girlfriends Club. It was off-site in a car park below the new Red Bull office.
I had a super fun time hanging out with the Lawson's. Best. Family. Ever.

Mad goodies.

Oh yuss I just remembered I still have some of this left somewhere...

Laptop on cat.

Okay I'm going to Hawaii in the morning so I'm going to bed and I'll write my day 3 post on the plane or something. 


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