Friday, October 11, 2013

Maddy Budd's Summer Essentials


It's warming up and I'm starting to get pretty amped about summer. And after getting a little taste of the warm weather in Hawaii I am SO ready to be able to just wake up and chuck on a little dress and sandals and head to the beach. Plus I want to show off my sweet tan before it dries up and flakes off. In fact it sort of already is. #glamour.

I'm thinking about taking some extra papers over summer because it is pretty pointless having like 3 months off unless I'm going to be working and saving up for something, which I am so not. I don't even think I'd know how to save if I wanted to. :/
I definitely want to do more surfing this too, but it's tough finding people who are actually motivated enough to get out there. At the moment I only really have one friend that will go surfing with me but that whole situation with him is just really... well lets just say 'unreliable'. 

Anyway so here are some of the things I think every girl should have this summer:

These just dropped at Area 51 and Huffer. I got myself one, it looks amazing on. If you want one I'd be quick if I were you!
Tried this on at Ruby the other day and it looked awesome. Definitely going to get it. Tomorrow.
Have this, it's the perfect beach bag.
Everyone needs a good ol' Arcade hat.

Have this tee. Great tee, bloody great tee.

You need a cute bra to wear under dem strappy singlets. 
And in case you hadn't heard (or seen photos of me wearing them) Lonely Hearts are doing bras with underwire now.

The whole Edt. range from house of G is pretty rad, but these shorts are definitly my pick. If you're after a good pair of shorts for summer I reckon grab these. They're navy too so they will go with anythang.

Last but not least, you gotta get a disposable camera to document your summer like all good hipsters should.

Oh and I didn't put any shoes in the list because you should be bare-foot all summer. Unless you're trying to get into da club, then put shoes on to get in and when you enter take them off immediately.

Woo shaka brah!

p.s sorry I just drank a red bull before I wrote this post.

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