Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Shark-Week is an awesome little project my friend from Mt Maunganui, Tom Wright has been working on for a while. 
If you're wondering what exactly Shark-Week is all about, I think the whole idea is that no one is really sure and it is pretty much just Tom making awesome stuff.
They've done a few tees as well and a disposable camera (which you may have seen in my last post) and I'm sure there are plenty more great surprises to come.
I especially loved the campaign they shot where they basically just got the guys working at the local fish and chips shops to wear the tees. 
Their stuff is available from Thanks Store.
Also like them on facey to keep in the loop.

$1 will be donated to help ban shark finning with every product sold.

So after getting my hands on a tee I decided to get James to take some photos of me wearing it. Come to think of it, this whole idea was probably a little narcissistic but ahh well.
The photos turned out great, check them out after the jump...

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