Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Outfit Post: Canterbury Training Gear

Top and pants from Canterbury S/S training range.

I've never been crazy into exercising. But I have to balance out all that cafe food I eat somehow, plus it helps to keep me in a good mood. 
I have to make exercise fun because otherwise I just won't do it. The gym isn't for me, I would much rather get outside. So here are some of the things I do to keep in shape:

- Walks
One of my favorite things to do is go for big long walks with my girlfriends, usually around the waterfront. It's an awesome way to catch up and were usually so busy talking we don't even realize how far we have walked and before we know it we've walked 10km! Doing this a couple times a week is super easy.

- Social Sports
I also joined a social softball team which is heaps of fun. We have 1 practice and 1 game a week where lots of running round and being stupid goes down. I'm so terrible at actually playing softball but that isn't really the point. 

- Surfing/Paddle Boarding 
I go paddle boarding whenever I can. Paddling around on the flat water is great and it's super easy so anyone can do it. But when I feel like a bit more excitement I head out to one of the many beautiful beaches we have nearby. 

This Canterbury gear is great for all of this. Super comfy and light and looks great.



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