Monday, March 10, 2014

Nike She Runs Auckland

Tonight I ran 3km! I'm pretty happy with myself because I never normally run so I thought I would die and I am 100% still alive right now.
So tonight was the first night of the six week training program for Nike She Runs Auckland.
Basically it's on Monday nights starting at 5:30pm. It's totally free you just show up at Nathan club which is right by Nike Britomart and the girls get everyone amped up and then you head off in a big pack.
I would never normally just go for a run but that's why this is so perfect! It's so motivating having this to go to and running with other people, plus there are milestones and rewards to help motivate you too!
In case you were worried about being too slow don't be. There are pacers so unfit people like me can go at a slower pace and there are plenty of other girls that aren't experienced runners either so you're not way at the back on my own or anything.
There are also free training sessions after the run so you can build up your strength which also helps with your running (you might even see me up on stage looking extremely unco for one of them).

At the end we have the big 10km run which is an awesome goal to work towards plus 2 of our runners get to go to Sydney for the 10km run there! To get in the draw for that you just need to show up.

It's so much fun, whether you're an experienced runner or far from it (like me). Trust me give it a go and you will surprise yourself.
I feel great after my first run and can't wait till next week.
So come along girls and come say hi to me if you do! See you there! xx


Details on the facebook event here.

Tyla and I after our run. Bring a buddy along if you can!

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