Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winter Coats

Ruby // Dreamer Coat 
This coat you could dress up or down. The sleeves are slightly batwinged and the fabric is an awesome texture and colour - grey/black easy to match with anything.

We're well into Autumn now and it's getting pretty chilly. I know lots of people are thinking about investing in a good coat for the upcoming winter and there are heaps of awesome jackets available at the moment. I know I've certainly had my eye on a few. 
A good coat is so important. You can just chuck on a coat with a tee and jeans and look freakin' fab, so it's worth spending the money and getting something good. 
It wasn't easy but I managed to narrow it down to my top 7 favourite coats available at the moment. I tried them on and got James to take some sweet pics.
So check it out...

Liam // Smart Coat
Double breasted, wool and cashmere with cute gold buttons. This is perfect for dressing up and the colour makes an awesome statement.

Twenty Seven Names // Christopher Street Coat
SUCH a cute coat plus it's wool so it will be super warm. Really well made with so many great little details like the collar and the buttons. 

Vanishing Elephant // Mac Jacket in Oiled Olive
The oiled canvas with the corduroy collars is such a great combo. I love this jacket, it's the kind of thing I'd wear everyday.

Twenty Seven Names // Lost Jockey Coat
The classic camel coat a staple for every girls wardrobe. This makes any outfit look super sophisticated. 

These are the perfect rain jacket for guys and girls. They come in a range of colours including yellow.

I am obsessed with bomber jackets at the moment and this one is perfect. It has sealed zips and is fully waterproof .


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