Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Jeans // Westcoast in Bondi Blue

Finding a good pair of jeans is not an easy task. There are so many things you need to take into consideration, the length, cut, rise, material, colour, price... the list goes on. But fear not because I think I may have found the answer to our prayers!
Rollas is an awesome label from Melbourne, Australia. I would probably describe their stuff as the perfect mix of grungy rocker and casual beachy but they keep it super simple and classic. The jeans are super comfy with just enough stretch. A great length too sitting right on the ankle.
But not only their jeans are great. I love the 'Washed Silk Tank', the colour is a nice off white and the material a beautiful soft silk. It looks perfect tucked into jeans. 
My favourite piece has to be the 'Rolla's Trench', I wear it pretty much everyday. I can just chuck it on over whatever and it pulls my outfit together nicely. 
These are classic pieces that will wear well. Great for wearing during the day or out at night.
Now it's getting colder and you're going to need a good pair of jeans for winter, so I reckon go try some of these babies on and see the awesomeness for yourself. Maybe grab a cute top while you're there.

Available at...
Auckland: Service, Storeroom, Clash, The Department Store
Wellington: Good as Gold, Fusion
Christchurch: Contemporary Lounge
Dunedin: Slick Willys, Void
Whangamata: Contain Boutique
Invercargill: Raw Energy

More pics of yours truly in the Rolla's gear below...

Jeans // Westcoast in Black Rain
Top // Washed Silk Tank in Natural

Jacket // Rolla's Trench



  1. I LOVE the silk tank! It's such an elegant cut. I loathe buying jeans because there's too much choice. I usually wait until a ridiculous sale and buy 2 pairs at once. Last time I went shopping the attendant said to buy 1 size too small because they will inevitably stretch. That made getting them on and off much harder than it should have been.

    1. Yeah despite what shop attendants say I think just go for what is comfortable when you buy them because I just won't wear stuff that isn't comfy.