Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ilana Glazer: My new bestie


According to Wikipedia Ilana Glazer is an American stand-up comedian, writer and actress. Perhaps best known as the co-star and co-creator of the Comedy Central series Broad City. But according to ME Ilana Glazer is simply da best bish eva.
I bumped into Henrietta Harris the other day at Goodness Gracious Bagels (my new fave spot) and she told me to watch Broad City. No she actually said "you HAVE TO WATCH BROAD CITY" and Henrietta is pretty cool, so watch Broad City I did.
Basically it's about 2 girls - best mates Ilana and Abbi Jacobson (the other half of it all and also her best mate in real life) living their lives in New York city, screwing shit up, smoking pot, having weird undefined relationships and being hilarious. They say that they're just playing exaggerated versions of themselves, and to be honest, kind of exaggerated versions of me too.
This is how my friendship with Glazer began, and I use the term 'friendship' rather loosely, it's more 1 sided and just me blowing off all my actual friends to stay at home and watch her on YouTube.
I watched the entire 2 seasons of Broad City in like 2 days and naturally progressed on to watching interviews with her and Abbi. Now I'm watching Chronic Gamer Girl which is Ilana's YouTube channel where she basically just plays video games with her friends and says ridiculous things.
I think the reason I love her so much is because she acts just as mental and gross as I do when I'm with my besties, but all the time and in front of the whole world.
She's fantastic.
So now Ilana and I are pretty much best friends, we hang out everyday when I get home and have heaps of lols. I don't want to boast but she totally favorited my tweet the other day.

If you liked girls you'll probs like Broad City so why not give it a watch.


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