Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thanks - Winter Lookbook

Jacket // Lonely Hearts
Dress // Lower

Hat // On & On
T Shirt // Lower
Shirt // On & On
Pants // Lower
Shoes // Vans 

Just incase you don't know what Thanks is then let me quickly fill you in. Basically it is one of NZ's best fashion/streetwear stores. They stock a ton of labels, all the goodies you already love plus a few more you should get to know. My favourites are probably Lower, Five Each and On & On.
Their physical stores are located in Mt Maunganui, Papamoa, Napier, Hastings and Palmerston North plus they have an awesome online store

Personally I love Thanks so naturally I was pretty excited when I finally got the opportunity to work with them on a wee project. 
I styled and even featured in the lookbook. Had an awesome time doing it, the guys at Thanks are all very cool. Plus I'll take any excuse to go to the mount, that place rules. 
I have a theory that all people from the mount are amazing, but I'll save that story for another time.

Anyway I'm super stoked with the results and encourage you to definitely check them out, online or IRL(in real life) if you're looking to make some winter purchases.

More of the lookbook images here or after the jump...

Model // Rick Everard
Photos // Dan @ Thanks
Clothes // Various labels, all new season and available from Thanks Store

Jacket // Lower
Top // Commoners
Pants // Huffer 

Hat // Moreporks
Jacket // On & On 
Jumper // On & On
Pants // Commoners 

Hat // PAM
Top // Five Each
Pants // Five Each 

Hat // Huffer
Jacket // Suit
Overalls // Rollas
Shoes // Gram 

Jacket // Rains
Tee // Lower
Jeans // Lower
Shoes // Beau Coops

Tee // Arcade
Pants // Thing Thing

Beanie // On & On
Jacket // Lower
Top // Rolla's 
Pants // Lower

Hat // PAM
Tee // Palace 
Oversalls // Rolla's

Pants // Huffer

Jumper // On & On
Pants // Commoners 

Beanie // Lower
Jumper // Rollas
Dress // Lower 

Tee // Lower
Pants // Federation
Bag // JanSport 

Hat // PAM
Jacket // PAM

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