Friday, May 16, 2014

Tyla's Friday Five: Five things guys do wrong.

Maddy suggested this idea to me and I thought that, although it could be a potentially touchy subject, it would also be really fun putting it together (I had the help of some very knowledgeable ladies). It's one great big generalisation and there's no doubt not everyone will agree with all of it. But I hope, at the least, this is a fun little Friday read for you all!
Like I mentioned before, extensive research has gone into these findings (read: a group Whatsapp conversations with my girlfriends about all the stuff that guys do wrong). I hope you can relate to some of it.

1. Only thinking of girls as potential girlfriends or 'bed buddies':

More often than not, guys tend to meet new girls and their first reaction is to only think of them as potential bed buddies and occasionally, possible girlfriends. Never taking a moment to step back and consider the fact that they could potentially make an awesome new friend, rather than ruining any change of a friendship because it's too awkward after you've tried pulling the moves on her. Geez. You would assume that as we get older, and grow up a little, we learn that if a guy and girl meet, who are both single, they can ACTUALLY just be friends (!!!) and there's no need to jump each others bones. But no, most of the time this is still the case.

2. Think that girls only dress nice for guys:

I think I can speak for most ladies here when I say this could not be more far from the truth. I did a little further investigating into this matter and grilled Matt (my boyfriend) with a few questions, and I was really surprised to learn that guys really do think when we get dressed up nice it's for them. And don’t get me wrong often a guys opinion may be a small speck of an influence on the way we present ourselves, but usually we dress to look and feel good about ourselves. And sometimes(potentially more often than not) to compete with, or impress other females - soz it's just the way we are.

3. Use pick up lines: 

Just no. There are a few approaches guys go about pick up lines, and the worst would have to be the overly-cheesy-classic-pick-up-lines that take the whole ‘this is sort of a joke but I really am hitting' on you kind of approach. For example - “Is your Dad and astronaut cause you’re out of this world”. Word of advice boys, if you’re trying to pick up a girl and, I can only assume, attempting to take her home can I suggest not mentioning her Dad? That's just weird and creepy.
4. Think that money is attractive: 

Let me clarify, I know that there are girls out there who ARE attracted to money, just like there are those that dress nice for guys or love cheesy pickup lines - and that's okay, but one thing guys often get really wrong is that having lots of money is attractive to girls. A good job, education and generosity (all of which may or may not indicate wealth) are attractive. But actively flaunting your money and boasting about how much you earn (or boasting at all for that matter) is unappealing and the fact that you think it will lure us to you is frankly a little offensive.
5. Have an inability to know when a girl is blatantly flirting with them: 

No offence guys but you lot can be really stupid sometimes when it comes to picking up signals. We can pretty much blatantly tell you we like you and you STILL don’t think we do and therefore refuse to make a move. I know every girl has probably been in this situation. A really good friend of mine told me how she made more than one obvious move and he still didn’t get the message! But don't worry girls, there's a happy ending, she eventually got her man, and still has him so I guess they do get the message eventually.

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