Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tyla's Friday Five: Five things I want to buy this week.

I have this folder on my laptop that's filled with images and lists of all the things I want to buy "when I get money" (I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this?) It's basically a wish list of designer (and non designer) clothing, beauty and homeware items that I currently need. Some are items that I'm just waiting for pay day to roll round so I can run out and grab them, others get put on the 'when I'm rich and successful I will buy' list and as a uni student are totally unattainable at the moment but hey, a girl can dream right?
More often than not items get bumped out because something better has caught my eye, but here are some of my current favourites that have sat firmly on my wish list for the last few months/forever (some will continue to be on there forever unless I win lotto/Matt(my boyf) gets famous...kidding)

1. Diptyque candles & room spray:

Number one on my wish list are the Diptyque candles and room sprays. I first came across these when I was living in London a couple of years ago and straight away fell in love with the jars and packaging and then even more so when I smelt them all. My favourites are the fig candle and the baies room spray. First of all, I didn’t even realise they were available in New Zealand or how much more expensive they were here than the UK (like everything else) but this makes me excited. I found them in Mecca Cosmetica on Broadway in Newmarket and may have spent a good half an hour lurking and sniffing the stand.

2. Urban outfitters bedding:

Our current duvet set is an Urban Outfitters one and aside from a little sun fading it has held up quite nicely. I bought it online when I moved up to Auckland just over a year ago and I still love it just as much as I did at the beginning. It's a super plain linen duvet with a frill around the edge and as much as I love it I’m thinking it would be quite nice to invest in another. Although Matt doesn’t seem to mind it's a little feminine and I think it's time for some more gender neutral bedding. Despite the fact we share room the female presence by far out ways the male (case in point: we have three clothing racks and I take up two and a half of those - oops. Not to mention all my other crap thats scattered around the room). I think this duvet cover is perfect; great colour and fabric and it's boyfriend friendly.

3. Wallace Cotton Pajama Pants:

I actually don’t own any winter pajamas, mainly because sleeping in long pants drives me insane and I always wake up in the middle of the night all tangled up. But I love the idea of flannelette PJ’s and definitely love those days where you can wear them all day. I also love anything from Wallace Cotton so these ones are perfect! Plus, beige and stripes...

4. Meadowlark ‘3 Hexagon Stone Ring’

I have one other piece of Meadowlark jewellery. It's the big heart cocktail ring with a smokey quartz stone. I don’t wear it that often because its a weird size, and I either have to wear it on my pinky or force it onto my ring finger which makes my knuckle look all red and fat. But the Hexagon stone ring is probably my favourite Meadowlark piece at the moment. It is the perfect size and has the right amount of stones to be a statement-ish piece without being too blingy. But it is totally wearable anytime of day. It's very engagement looking so to avoid confusing it with that kind of ring on a certain left hand finger. I’d like it in rose gold with a smokey quartz stone sized to fit my index finger please, size N (I think?) incase anyone was wondering.

5. Chanel espadrilles:

Because they’re amazing and I would never ever take them off. Ever. I’d sleep in them, in my new UO bedding of course and wear them with everything. Including those Wallace Cotton PJ pants.

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  1. I love all your posts, and what I like most about it is that it's real. It's what you like and you use your own language. You're rad.