Friday, May 30, 2014

Tyla's Friday Five: Her Five Makeup Essentials

1. Concealer:

Because 8am lectures don’t happen without concealer (and coffee). I never used to be the hugest fan of concealer, I think because I never really knew how to use it and although it would look good at the time, as the day went on and the rest of my make up would wear off I’d be left with these little dots all over my face where I had tried to cover up any spots or scars. The best tip I’ve learnt is to apply a lighter coloured concealer in a triangle to get rid of dark under eye bags, starting at the inner corner of your eye draw a line down your nose (not all the way, maybe two thirds down) then another line from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye, fill in the triangle with thick strokes of concealer and blend, blend, blend. This is suppose to brighten up that area and make you look more awake. As for spots, try and find a creamy concealer as close to your skin colour as possible and dabb as opposed to rubbing the desired spot - that sounds really gross, but I think you know what I mean.

2. Bronzing powder:

When done right bronzing powder can add a nice glow and healthiness to your complexion. One time Paige(my bff) and I got our makeup done at the Benefit stand in one of the Boots stores in London. Worst. Thing. Ever. We were quite young and didn’t really give the makeup artists any direction so we ended up look very drag queen like (Paige ended up with a light blue smokey eye - LOL) But I did manage to walk away with one tip and that was to apply your bronzing powder in a ‘3’ figure on either side of your face (forehead, cheek, jaw line) this tends to give your face a lovely, healthy glow! Be careful around the jaw line though, you don’t want your face to be a different colour to your neck.

3. Eyelash Curler & Mascara:

I’ve only recently discovered my love for eyelash curlers, I think previously they had scared me a little, I had this fear that I’d put it too close to my eye and clamp my eyeball. But alas, I have learnt how to use them and so far no eyeballs have been clamped. I actually forget to use them most of the time but when I do I notice a big difference in my lashes. A wee clamp before applying mascara tends to make the ‘curl’ in the lash last a lot longer. As for mascara I think this is the make up product that makes the biggest difference to the appearance of my face, I prefer waterproof ones because even though its like trying to remove tar when you take your makeup off they just last longer and don’t budge through any sneezing, watering eyes or accidental eye rubs.

4. BB Cream:

It really does live up to all the hype. It evens out your skin tone and makes you look all healthy and awake while at the same time looking like you have nothing on your face at all. AMAZING. On days I’m not working I try to give my face a break from make up so it's usually BB cream, mascara and some sort of chapstick. It also works well before applying foundation as it makes it last a lot longer.

5. Bold lippy:

I’m a sucker for lipstick, its my favourite make up item to buy and for me is the easiest way to amp up my usual makeup routine and make me feels as though I’ve made a real effort, when usually I haven’t. I tend to go for matte reds, oranges or maroons because magazines say they’re the best colours for brunettes, and I like them. My favourite one at the moment is a Topshop one in the colour Hazard and although its a matte formula it doesn’t feel like chalk to apply like some others can. It’s the perfect deep winter/evening red, goes on really easy, doesn’t dry out your lips, and doesn’t budge (its actually really hard to get off, so be ready to commit for about 24 hours when you wear this puppy) Plus, cute Topshop make up packaging!
*Bonus* Eyebrow kit: Because I couldn’t pick just five. Once you’ve found an eyebrow routine it only takes a few minutes to fill them in and it really makes a difference to your final make up look. Benefit do great eyebrow kits or a matte eye shadow and clear eyebrow gel works well too!

Happy long weekend!

T x

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