Friday, May 2, 2014

Tyla's Friday Five: Things I did this week and probably shouldn't have.

Happy friday people. TGIF and all that.
So here's a cool new thing - I now have my first ever super cool blog contributor!
Her name is Tyla and you may recognise her from such places as my instagram or facebook photos.
Tyla (or Ty as I like to call her) is one of my best mates. We met last year on the first day of uni. I spotted her from across the room and she was wearing the same Sylvester by Kate Sylvester shorts as I have. Instantly I knew we would be the best of friends and I wasn't wrong. We have pretty much the exact same taste in everything. But not only is she a super stylie chick she's also a total old soul, kind, caring, super chill, smart, rather responsible, gives great advice and puts up with me.
Pretty glad I found this one. I'm keeping her forever.

When she said she wanted to do a little do-da on my blog my instant reaction was "hells yeah!", and not just because that means less work for me. I know she will do an amazing job. Very excited about this.

Basically Ty will just be talking about 5 things each Friday. It could be anything from 5 things her mum taught her to 5 things she ate that week. Whatever it is I'm sure it will be bloody great.

Here's the first ever Tyla's Friday Five:

This week: Five things I did this week but probably shouldn’t have.

1. On Wednesday I ate three kinder chocolate bars and a bowl of cereal for dinner: Normally I’m very “sensible” (as Maddy would say) when it comes to food but man sometimes I just pull total 180 and become some sort of eating monster. I also ate it in bed, alone, watching random YouTube videos. Not one single regret though.

2. Not putting enough parking money in my car: This is a little bit of a something I should have done but didn’t, rather than a something I did but shouldn’t have. Anyway, I’m trying to clock Auckland parking and there are certain areas that I think I’ve nailed, but clearly City Works Depot isn’t one of them. I thought I had tricked the parking warden only to find a fat $30 ticket on my windscreen when I got back to the car. No shopping for Ty this week.

3. I spent $53 on bronzing powder: (FYI: This one happened before the parking ticket) and I can semi justify it. I’m a little bit of a make up fiend and I love experimenting with brands of makeup whether it's high end or a pharmacy brand. 
But there are certain make up items I believe in investing in. Bronzing powder is one of them (I’ll save the others for another post). The way I see it is, I was willing to spend $79 on NARS so the fact that I only spent $53 on a Benefit one is totally fine, right?

4. I didn't run: Now this isn’t entirely true because me, Maddy and a whole lot of other awesome ladies ran 10km on Monday with the Nike She Runs Auckland (WOO!). But my goal was to continue running 3 times a week after that, it's now Friday and I haven’t even touched my running gear. But like most goals they can only start on a Monday so I guess I’ll just have to wait until the weekends over.

*M: Don't worry Ty I haven't been for a run either lol.

5. Spending all my time on Tumbr when I have Uni assignments to do: This is just every uni student ever. We’re on break at the moment so you’d think with all this spare time I’d be trying making a dent in my assignments, but it seems I’d rather be spend my time scouring through amazing pictures planning my dream home and closet. In all fairness, Tumblr is a total time sucker, you can literally find yourself having a quick scroll on your phone and then all of a sudden 5 hours have passed, its night time, pitch black, curtains open and it's so late you may as well just have cereal for dinner – and maybe a couple of kinder bars too.

T x

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