Friday, May 9, 2014

Tyla's Friday Fives: Things my mother taught me.

Ty and her mum riding camels.

In light of mothers day this Sunday I have put together five things my mother has taught me. Mums are amazing and they teach us more than anyone else in our lives. This list of things my mum has taught me is enormous and it's still growing but here are the top five...

1. Always wash your make up off at night: 
I am normally quite good at this, but sometimes I'm just way too lazy and when I can't bring myself to get up and wash my face. Consequently in the morning the skin god usually would have gifted me with a lovely big spot in the middle of my face. Mum has always said no matter how tired (or drunk) you are always wash your make up off. Even if it's just a quick once over with a wet wipe. Panda eyes in the morning really aren't pretty. 

2. You can never have too many white T-shirts or black pants: 
Anyone who knows my Mum knows this rule really needs no explaining. More often than not this is her uniform. Nothing looks more polished and put together than a great pair of black pants and a crisp white tee. Tres chic! 

3. Dress for your body not for trends: 
15 year old me hated this. All I ever wanted to wear was super high (I'm talking like just under the boob high) waisted denim shorts. Although to my delight they would make my legs look super long they would eliminate any evidence that I had a stomach/back/body. I'd basically look like a chest with legs. It's great to buy a couple of pieces that are "on trend" each season but Mum has always taught me to invest in classic pieces that fit and flatter my body well. Quality over quantity and all that! 

4. Be independent: 
I'm not going to get all "I don't need a man" cause I have one those and I'm quite fond of him. But girls should be happy with OR without one cos #whoruntheworld (girls). Somehow mum has taught me the value of independence, to work hard and avoid relying on others when we can. She has taught me to take responsibility for my mistakes and to stand on my own two feet. This is probably my favourite life lesson and this attitude is responsible for so many of the awesome things I've done in my life so far. So cheers for that Ma! 

5. There is no need for scales: 
Growing up we never had scales in our house, Mum always thought the best way to judge your weight was how you felt, if your clothes were starting to feel a bit firm or you were feeling a bit sluggish go for a run or a walk. Your weight is nothing but a number. She has also always taught me that diets are crap and a waste of time, try and eat healthy where you can but there's no need to restrict yourself from the food you love (just as well because we always seemed to have some sort of baking in our house).

T x

Ps. Happy mothers day to all the wonderful Mums, step-mums, nana's and grandmas out there, we couldn't do half of the amazing things we do without you.

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