Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Georgia's tips for successful study

If you don't already know who Georgia is then I'll fill you in. She is my Siamese twin. Lol actually though, I see her at least once a day, if not twice, sometimes three times. She rules.
We both have exams at the moment and she gave me the idea to do a post about study tips. But then I decided I couldn't be bothered doing it so I just got her to do it for me. So here's G's (I call Georgia G) top tips for successful study:

1) Be organised.

Start early. Try and keep your notes organised into different classes and in chronological order so that when it comes time to study them at the end of the term you know what is where. It sounds like a bit of a mission but you will be thankful at exam time trust me.
Use things like folders to keep them separated and different coloured highlighters for different headings etc.

2) Keep hydrated.

Keep a cup with tea / coffee & a water bottle close by at all times. Keeping hydrated is key to staying alert and keeping your brain active.

3) Snacks

We all know studying is boring so make it a little more exciting with some yummy snacks. My favourite study snacks are nuts and raisins.

4) Take regular breaks.

Short regular breaks help to keep you on track when studying. This will stop you from feeling completely bogged down and overwhelmed. Go for a walk, call up a friend, have a toasted sammie, refresh your brain then get back into it!

6) Quiz yourself.

A great way to do this is with flash cards. Once you've gone over all the content you need to know, narrow it down to a few definitions and make up some flash cards. Quiz yourself with them or get a friends to quiz you.

7) Have an awesome study buddy!

Of course mine is Maddy. We set up a study den in the living room of her new flat where it's nice and warm and quiet. We have snacks and candles and it's nice having someone around who is studying too.

8) Write it out as if you're explaining it to someone else.

This is the best way to understand and memorise things.

9) Previous exams are your best friend.

I always make the mistake of not spending enough time looking at the previous exams they give us to help us study. The exams are almost always exactly the same, so base your study plan on this.


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