Sunday, June 15, 2014

The best/only YouTube makeup tutorial I have ever seen.

I have never watched any makeup tutorials or taken much notice of beauty blogs. I've kind of started to take more of an interest lately because my friends Tyla talk about them a bit. She loves them, and A LOT of people do! Beauty blogs bloody kill it (I should probs look into that lol). But anyway I saw this pop up on my feed and of course it caught my eye because my fave bish Alexa is in it. But also because my makeup style and what I suit on my face is very similar to her. Super minimal with just some liner to make it pop. 
So for all of those people asking about my makeup regime on my Tumblr questions this is pretty much it. One thing I would emphasise though is that I hate powders. I like to keep things super dewy and looking like my face has just been moisturised.
This video is by Lisa Eldridge who is a makeup artist who has a huge YouTube channel. Interesting fact: her Wikipedia page she grew up living in New Zealand.
So have a watch if you like. It looks like they're using some pretty awesome products. I might give the foundation and eye liners and shadows a go myself.



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