Friday, June 20, 2014

Tyla's Friday Five: Five things I learnt when I moved out of home

I moved out of home over a year ago and while there a few things that tempt me to move back home (e.g a bathroom with a working light) I’m not rushing back any time soon. In the last 18 months or so there have been many lessons learnt and with Maddy moving into her new place I thought this subject seemed rather fitting. 

This list could go on forever but as always, here are my top five...

1. Washing powder is expensive.

And every other cleaning product ever. Is this the reason why so many flats are dirty? Because it's too expensive to be clean? Also, Napisan (which up until writing this I thought was spelt “nappysand”) is like $15 - that's like three coffees! I think I’ll stick to stealing it every time I go home and not deprive myself of my daily caffeine (#priorities)

2. How to cook more than your one speciality dish. 

We all have that one dish. It was your go-to if you ever left home to fend for yourself, and toast just wasn't going to cut it. I had a few signature dishes but after a fortnight in my first flat I realised I couldn't live on a rotation of stir fry, spag bol and mac n cheese. I have since expanded my culinary skills, although I sometimes still have cereal for dinner. That will never change. 

3. You’ll question whether you really need to wash your jeans.

This sounds really gross and I feel like I have to say that yes, I do wash my clothes. But because of point 1 and sometimes having to share your washing machine with eight other humans you do question whether or not something really needs a wash. Gone are the days where you chuck everything into a washing basket - regardless of whether it needed to be washed or not, and it comes back clean, ironed and folded at the end of your bed. 

4. $10 becomes a normal amount of petrol to put in your car. 

To be honest I only had to do this once or twice but I know when it happens I've really hit a low. It's actually usually because I've spent all my money on clothes/food/make up/crap and has nothing to do with flatting but I just feel like people who live at home never have to put $10 of petrol in their car at one time, or ever run out of petrol. 

5. That salt/pepper/oil/kitchen basics don’t just come with every kitchen. 

You get so use to having all the kitchen basics at home that when you move out it can throw you off a little. Same goes with snacks; the dumb thing about buying your on groceries (other than having to pay for them) is knowing exactly what you've got. There's never any packets of chips or crackers hiding at the back of the cupboard waiting to surprise you.

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