Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chat with Vacancy

I went and had a great time hanging out with the lovely Emma at Vacancy last week. I put together some outfits, we took some pictures and I answered a few questions. Vacancy is a rad new online store that sells a bunch of awesome labels for men and women, homewear and vintage goodies. 

Check them out at:

More photos and the interview after the jump...

Where did you grow up?
Auckland. Been here all my life and I love it.

What is a standard day for Maddy Budd?
Everyday is so different for me at the moment which I love. During the week I'm busy with either class, work or something for the blog (sometimes all three) and I might go for an afternoon jog if I'm feeling motivated.
In the evenings I make dinner with my two amazing flatmates who I adore, which is always a highlight.
Weekends are spent with friends, eating food and just hangin'. I love eating out, my favourite spots would have to be Dizengoff and Honeytrap. But I also love entertaining at the house, cooking food and drinking wine. 
I try to get away and go on surf roadies and things like that as much as possible which is a bit harder now it's winter. But I'll hopefully getting down to the mountain lots this season. 

If you had 50 bucks in your account what would you buy with it?
Food - Probably sausage and eggs from Diz  in the morning, a juice from Ponsonby Central, a packet of peanut M&Ms and then Pad Thai from the food court for dinner.
Fuck, Marry, Kill?
A. Michael Fassbender - Marry. Because I think him and my dad would get along well.
B. Ryan Gosling - Fuck. I don't really get the whole Ry Gos thing. His face annoys me but I'd prefer him over Mark Wahlberg for sure.
C. Mark Wahlberg (in his HEY-DAY) - Kill. Big muscles actually kind of gross me out.

Fuck, Marry, Kill
A Jennifer Lawrence - Kill. J Law annoys me so much she's such a brat.
B. Rihanna - Marry. Riri is queen.
C. Candice Swanepoel - Kill her too cos if I didn't kill her then I'd probably die from boredom after spending the night with a Victoria's Secret model.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done?
I once spent my last $30 on customised glow-in-the-dark jandals. I've only worn them once but it was so worth it. 
Describe your Fashion Influences.
I like to keep things super classic, simple and always a little masculine. Probably because it's a very easy, comfortable way to dress.
The only celebrity figure I can think of who would influence the way I dress is Alexa Chung. She's the only person I can think of who I would actually wear something because she wore it. I think I feel like I have this affinity with her because she part Asian or something.  
I also love tumblr and get tons of inspiration for the way I dress and things I like from the beautiful blogs I follow on there. 
Of course a huge one is my friends and people I see on the street. I always say I dress like a Ponsonby mum (loose jeans, a striped tee and sneakers) and so I guess I have to say they are big fashion influences for me too. haha.
What's your favourite thing in your wardrobe?
At the moment it's 100% my camel coat. It's warm, comfy and goes with everything. I wear it literally everyday. I LOVE IT!
What ERA would you want to live in?
I don't mind right now. Or maybe in the future a little to a time where the battery on my iPhone would last a bit longer.
But if I had to go back, why not the 80's? The music, the hair, the shoulder pads - that looked fun. 
Who is your favourite singer/artist?
I couldn't pick between Katy Perry and Erykah Badu. Very different I know, but I'm a very confused girl. 
Who is the closest person to you in your life?
Mum and dad. They are my best friends I tell them everything and dad gives the BEST advice. Oh and of course Georgia who is my Siamese twin.
Celebrity Crush?
Paul Rudd. He's my perfect guy. <3 


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