Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Liam Monument Dress

It isn’t often I feel the feeling I did when I saw this dress for the first time. It was earlier this year at the Ruby & Liam spring/summer showing. The moment I saw it I was head over heels in love. I grabbed it off the rack, felt the beautiful fabric, held it up to myself and said to Katherine “Ohhh myyy god! Look at this! It’s perfect!” and it was. It is literally my dream dress. If I were in 7th form right now I would 100% wear it to my ball or if I were 20 I’d get it to wear to my 21st. Unfortunately I don’t have either of those things coming up so I’ll probably get it and just wear around the house while I eat cheese. 
The fabric, the colour, the length, everything about it is amazing!
I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so of course I decided I wanted to photograph it on myself for the blog. A couple months later I was chatting to the wonderful Karen Ishiguro and it dawned on me! I should get her to take the photos of me in it because she creates the most beautiful elegant photos ever and that’s exactly what I want! She agreed to do it because she’s super kind and amazing and way too good to me. Then everything else came together perfectly. I spotted the location I wanted when I was walking up Mt. Eden recently and it just so happened that the weather was perfect on the day we decided to shoot. The outcome was these incredibly beautiful photographs. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I can’t get over how amazing Karen is.
A very big thank you to Karen and the girls at Ruby and Liam for creating and helping me capture this little piece of perfection. *insert a million sparkly love heart emojis*

The dress is set to arrive in stores on Friday 8th August and is part of the Liam Spring/Summer collection Interchange.


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