Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Five: Reasons you should visit Tokyo (by spesh guest Tim Lambourne)

I spent two months in Tokyo eating lots of ramen and trying to organise a photography exhibition.
Here are five photos to convince you to visit Japan.

This is Rilakkuma. Best to think of him as edgier Hello Kitty. Not really. Rilakkuma means relax and bear.

This is a cat on a tricycle.  People thought I was a bit weird for being taken back and asking to take a photo. Which makes this situation even better.

This is my favourite skyline photo I have taken so far. 

This is a photo taken halfway up Mt Fuji.  You can climb Mt Fuji in the summer even if you are not a climber, although I would recommend turning up in more than shorts and a windbreaker.  Fuji is higher than Mt Cook, and let's be honest, you are never going to climb Mt Cook.

This is a flyer for the photography exhibition I am throwing in September with my friend Joe.  It is a democratic photography exhibition, where you send us your favourite photos printed on shitty paper.

You should send us your photos.  

And you should visit Tokyo.

Thanks Timmy, you nerd face. xx

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