Thursday, August 28, 2014

NZFW Day 2 // Shows


As I'm writing this it’s 1:30am and I just arrived home from the Zambesi after party at James in Parnell. They had a drink there apparently named the Zam-boozie. Classic.

Day 2 was a little more relaxed. There was a bit more time between shows which meant I could actually find time to eat some proper food and collect my thoughts a bit. I filled in for life coach Tammy Davis this week on George Drive. I’m not sure how qualified I am to be giving out life advice but Thane thought I did a pretty good job.

First up was Aim by Huffer. Huffer basically decided to throw a bit of a party at their HQ on Queen Street to celebrate the launch of their new line Aim. No models just an exhibition of their campaign imagery and a performance by the very lovely singer Watercolours (or Chelsea Jade Metcalf). She was a perfect fit for the new line which is made for a slightly more mature, feminine Huffer girl. They’ve gone a bit more dressy and used more luxurious fabrics with this stuff and its only for the ladies sorry boys. It will be available in November.

Next was Contemporary Salon which featured Lucy Mcintosh and Pardon My French. Both great, fresh, young designers with some really strong looks. Lucy Kemp from Pardon My French was showing her new range ‘The Beat Girl’. I loved the high necks, the beautiful coats and of course the berets. Lucy Macintoshwas showing her range ‘Archy’ and she has done some amazing coats too and managed to work in a lot of pink in a way I can actually get on board with.

After some lunch I saw one of the highlights of the day PIA. Pia Naera put together an amazing collection this season and I’m a huge fan of a lot of it. The striped blue and white linen got me so excited for the beach this summer and she has started making some amazing bags too. Things were a little more masculine than previous collections which I’m very much in to. My favourite little detail was the Adidas slip on sandals with socks.

Andrea Moore started and finished with a song sung live from the cat walk by Ginny Blackmore. Things like that really make a difference at a show. Damn that girl can sing. Her collection was full of bright colours a lot of bold red pieces and even a bit of fur.

The evening was when things got really good. Juliette Hogan was by far my favorite even though the show did start about an hour late. Poor Juliette must have been stressing out backstage I’m sure of it. But it was worth the wait. Again half of the seating section was blocked off like at Nom*d earlier in the week. But this time they had a band there playing throughout the show. The clothes were all amazing. Beautiful long silk numbers that reach the floor paired with New Balances and a perfect knit. Effortless, polished, perfect but still so wearable.

Finally Zambesi, always one of the most highly anticipated shows. Last year they revealed the entire backstage so spectators could see all of the models backstage getting hair and make up touched up before walking down the catwalk. This year they didn’t do anything too dramatic. Just a bit of smoke and some giant lettering on the catwalk. The models were wearing these awesome big blue boots and the boys had cute emo fringes. The girls hair was awesome, just a messy ponytail.

All in all another successful day. Looking forward to day 2, David Farrier promised me he would show up with his pet bird Keith.

Kate Sylvester will be a great and Trelise Coopers show for her younger range ‘Coop’ hopefully won’t involve anymore headdress fiascoes.

Lucy Mcintosh.

Pardon My French.


Andrea Moore.

Juliette Hogan.


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