Friday, August 29, 2014

NZFW Day 3 // Shows

Kate Sylvester

Yesterday was the last proper day of fashion week. I'm both very and relieved and sad it's coming to an end. I saw some things I loved and others that were laughably bad. I ate pretty much nothing but fried chicken from Miss Claudy's and a tart from one of my goodie bags and I slept probably 10 hours in total over the last three days. Fashion week is great. It's awesome seeing so many familiar faces and getting to just appreciate sweet-as clothes for a whole week.

Fashion weekend kicks off tomorrow, this is when the public can come and enjoy the shows and see some in-season collections. You can go buy tickets if you want to go along.

The highlight of the week had to be the jumper James Lowe made especially for fashion week that said “Elite, private, members-only club” poking fun at those new 'exclusive' clubs popping up at the moment. He even made it into the paper! As for the shows the highlights for me were definitely Juliette Hogan and Kate Sylvester.

Lowlights were probably the lack of decent food on site at the Viaduct Events Centre and today when the Red Bull girls weren’t there giving out free Red Bull I had to buy one for $5. Oh and sassy people with attitude problems.

I had very little sleep the night before so day 3 was a bit of a struggle. Luckily the first show had cute male models handing out free flat whites and croissants as we were being seated. I was the only one actually eating in the front row but I was too tired to care. Celine Rita kicked the day off with a bright, fun show. The Parisian inspired collection featured plenty of prints patterns and bold colours.

The New Generation show is always interesting. This time we had Wilson Trollope, Inhale Apparel, Nomsa Mabuto and ITZME. All had an exciting fresh take on things.

Coop was a great show. I loved the muti-coloured sneakers with the rainbow marble sole. My friend Katherine hated them but I loved that they were a bit over the top. They used a great dusty colour palette throughout the collection and I could see myself wearing a lot of it!

Hailwood had designs ranging from streetwear right through to a blue velvet dress. I loved some of the simple looks with the grey knits paired with skirts and jeans. The big blanket poncho looked like something I’d love wearing too.

Finally the highlight of the day Kate Sylvester. I loved it all, the striped pajamas, the heels with socks, the skinny scarves, the long skirts, the low ponytails and even the tiny splashes of yellow and red. Kate hasn’t had a show at NZFW for a while and but boy am I happy she came back! Such a great show.

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