Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five: Laneway Essentials

(Pic from my disposable cam. ALT-J Laneway 2013)

Comfy outfit  

Denim cut offs for the pockets, you can chuck all your festy essentials in there and not have to worry about a bag. Singlet cause it’ll be a million degrees and thats about as minimal you can go without being topless. Comfy sneakers cause dancing and running round for a whole day is a total workout and girl gotta have support. Finally, a shirt round your waist for when the sun goes down and that evening sea breeze hits.

A good squad

How good (or bad) the day pans out relies heavily on the people you’re with. I’m planning on starting the day with (almost) all my fave baes and a boozy brekkie before walking down to the Silo’s. Phone networks tend to go down as well so have a buddy and a meeting spot for when you lose the squad/phone dies from trying to post that epic gram.

Card holder

This year I’m taking the essentials only and swapping out a bag for a cardholder and chucking it in my back pocket along with phone and ticket. All you need is your I.D and a eftpos/credit card. So pop those all into a card holder, card holder into short pocket. Done.

Disposable camera

The bulkiest item I’ll be taking for sure, but definitely an essential. It’s so fun going HAM with a camera and not being able to see the pictures till you get round to developing the film. It’s best when you forget about it for about six months before getting it developed as well cause, #TBT. Disposable cameras also fit perfectly into your back pocket.

Sunnies & sunblock

‘Cause you didn’t spend all summer with your kini top tied awkwardly, barely covering ya nips getting that flawless tan to have it ruined with singlet/t-shirt lines. No one can be bothered carrying round sunblock, just be sure to layer up with a decent SPF right before you leave the house. As for sunnies, go with a cheap pair that you don’t mind getting knocked around. And that also fit well, nothing worse then sunnies slipping down your face.

Words by Tyla McKenzie

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