Thursday, April 16, 2015

Aje Show with Dove Invisible dry


Right now I'm sitting on my best friend Georgia's couch in Sydney watching friends. It has been a crazy week of fashion shows and exploring the city. It awesome over here, I wish I had at least 2 weeks to do everything. 
On Monday night I went to the Aje show. For those of you who don't know, it's an Australian label that started out in 2007. It quickly carved a cult following and has been worn by celebrities such as Kate Moss, Madonna and Cara Delevigne. I got to chat with Adrien and Eddi backstage before the show. Both of them were ridiculously gorgeous and sweet. Eddi told me Aje began 2007 with two good friends coming together with a similar vision, to create something there was a need for; effortless relaxed clothing as well as being quite glamorous. The collection is called Vihara, Adrien told me how they paired their heavily embellished pieces back with clean natural silks and linens. They used lots of muted colours but bought in some blues beautiful deep blues and blacks. Eddi said they tend to use a lot of earthy tones and brought in the blues a kind of a highlight, lots of whites, blacks, oatmeals. They find inspiration when finding fabrics and from there go on to create their beautiful clothes. After the show they said they were going to have little break and their first drop is going into Myer in July.
The show was beautiful and the rose-gold candles looked and smelt amazing.
Thanks to Dove Invisible dry for sending me along. Invisible dry is tested on 100 colours so now I can wear any colour I want with confidence.


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