Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dressing up tomboy style

Photos // Tim Lambourne 

When I'm dressing up to go to an event, or anything a even little bit dressy I always struggle to find something to wear that looks good, but also fits with my personal style. I look weird with too much make up on, and whenever I have a dress on everyone is all "WOW MADDY IS WEARING A DRESS!". Having said all this I'd be lying if I said I NEVER liked wearing dresses, I mean I'm a girl after all. But for the most part I'm just in the mood to put on something that is fairly comfortable but won't make me look like a total scruff.
An awesome blazer and pants is the perfect solution to this problem, they don't necessarily have to be matching or anything but this combo is a winner. A good suit like this is a little hard to find for us girls especially if you're like me and want the simple masculine look but in a cut that is made to fit a feminine figure, no skinny leather lapels thanks. Vanishing Elephant always do a great job at this, in fact they do a great job at making all my favourite things but for girls. 
So next time you're heading out. Think about this option. You'll stand out in a room full of dresses.


  1. Love the suit, but it's all sold out - any other recommendations?

    1. Weathered also do some sweet blazer/pant combos but VE usually do a new one every season !