Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Face Value by Ken Griffen

A perception of society based on face value — always judge a book by its cover. 

“Fleeting relationships, encounters, sightings. Making brutal and instant generalisations on society under the pervasive guise of our personal perspectives”

Tonight was the opening of the very talented Ken Griffen's exhibition 'Face Value' at the Allpress gallery. Ken is a friend of mine, I can't remember exactly how we met, it may have been through mutual friends or possibly at Huffer. Ken worked for Huffer for a while doing design and art direction before he went away and did a residency in Berlin and some travel around Europe and North America. It was during his time traveling his first hand impressions of faces and places progressed into drawings and paintings. His friends and workmates speak so fondly of him it's like he's some kind of god.

Ken's from Auckland, he grew up on K Rd and his mother was an artist. He studied as a designer at AUT and afterwards moved to Vancouver and New York. He hasn't come through the traditional art scene, which I think is rad, but more through commercial design. Before Huffer he did work for No magazine and design agencies. On top of all this Ken is a top bloke, so make sure you get down there and go check out his work.


May 27 - June 5

Allpress Gallery
8 Drake Street
Auckland CBD


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