Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Style Inspiration: Colour

We're heading into winter and it's around this time that we all notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of colour we wear. This doesn't have to be the case, there are plenty of awesome ways for us to incorporate colour into our wardrobes, even during winter. We shouldn't shy away from colours during any season, colours are what make dressing fun, so we should be able to all wear the colours we love with confidence all year round.
Dove invisible dry can help you do this because it won't leave white marks, it has been tested on 100 colours so you can be confident wearing any colour you want.
I know sometimes wearing colour can be a little complicated, how do you make it look good? What colours do you wear together? What colours are in?
To help out I have done a little research and I've found some great stuff to help inspire you all to wear more colour! This season there are heap of awesome golds, mustards, yellows and tans. Yellow is my favourite colour too so I love wearing it whenever I can.

Check out some of the awesome colour inspiration I found below...

Street style at Australian Fashion Week
Photos by Tommy Ton for

Karen Walker Garden People collection

Alexa (of course)

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