Friday, June 26, 2015

Easy Beauty Favourites

Clockwise from top left: Toni & Guy Glamour 3D Volumiser, Simple Micellar Water, Dove Invisible Dry, Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes.

When it comes to beauty, skincare, all that stuff... I'm not exactly an expert. Far from it. But sometimes I'd rather hear how a normal person looks after their skin rather than about some hardouts 14 step skincare regime that I would never be able to do myself. I just try to keep things fairly inexpensive and super simple - mostly because I'm just lazy. I also have quite dry, sensitive skin so if I use too many harsh chemicals my skin goes all spotty and gross. As for my hair, same goes. I quite often don't do much with it after a wash, but if I do have to do anything to it I'll do whatever takes the least amount of time and effort.

So here's 4 of my favourite beauty products, perfect for lazy girls like me:

1) Toni & Guy Glamour 3D Volumiser 
This stuff is great. I like my hair to have extra body and volume if anything, but like I said I can't really be bothered doing anything overly strenuous to make it that way so the GHDs very rarely come out of the cupboard. All you need to do with this is spray a little bit in and scrunch your hair a bit with your hands and you're good to go! You can also do a little bit of back combing too if you want it to be extra jushy.

2) Dove Invisible dry
When it comes to underarms this is one area we all tend to forget about, but that being said I'm weirdly quite particular about the kind of deodorant I use. It has to smell just right and this stuff is extra good because it has been tested on 100 colours so it doesn't leave white marks on any of my clothes. Dove also uses 1/4 moisturiser in their products, which is perfect for my dry skin.

3) Simple Micellar Water
I use Micellar water to remove my everyday makeup. It's pretty amazing stuff. Unscented and not harsh on my skin at all. It literally feels like I'm just putting water on my skin but it's great at getting make up off, even eye makeup.

4) Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
These babies are great for when I have a bit more makeup on, like after a night out or something. They also require the least amount of effort which is also great after a night out. They are fragrance free and gentle on skin too.

Other than that I just use a bit of moisturiser and boom done. 
That was probably the most basic beauty post in the history of beauty posts.


This post is sponsored my Dove by opinions are my own.

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