Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bitch be cool: NZFW

I should start by explaining exactly what 'bitch be cool' is... basically at about 9am on Wednesday mornings I head into George FM to talk about 3 things people should know about to make their lives cooler. I'm not sure I'm qualified in any way to do this, and most of the things I talk about aren't so much cool as they are just really specific weird things I'm obsessing over that week. But all that aside, it's a thing I do and I thought it should be on my blog. So I'm starting with my 3 favourite things from NZFW I know it's a little late but I'm late for everything. 

Fashion week left me feeling a little deflated, I'm sure I'm not the only one. I mean you spend the week staring at girls who are way prettier and have way better bodies than you, you’re surrounded by people who are smart and successful and probably think you’re dumb because they actually work for proper awesome magazines and crap and don’t just write stuff on a blog they made when they were like 18.
Blimmin' people who can actually write and don’t just have an occasional brain explosion onto a page that probably doesn’t make sense to anyone reading it except me cos I wrote it. Listen to me! I’m an insecure mess! This is what fashion week does to me *cries and smashes the free sparkling water I got from a goodie bag on the ground*.
I’m not being ungrateful (even though I 100% am) but I'm feeling like a loser and I need to vent so let me have my moment okay guys. Well actually, on the up side this might actually motivate me to go for a run instead of coming home and snuggling up to my electric blanket and smashing back a full pack of raspberry licorice. 
Some upsides of the week were Katherine letting me wear the sassy KW pants to fashion week. Well, I felt real sassy in those 'till I saw another girl wearing them who looked way hotter than me in them  -_- SORRY! POSITIVES! I also got to hang out with Olivia Fleming who is pretty much the coolest ever person in the history of life. What else… I  got some vouchers… Oh I got to sit front row snuggled up next to a cute boy which is something I've always wanted to do for some reason. I think it's because Lani (Lani Says) and her HUSBAND NOW Dave, always look real cute together front row, and I don’t know if this ever actually happened in sex and the city but I feel like Carrie would totally sit front row with Big being super cute and cuddly. Oh! And I also got over my cold which was great. It was one that only really lasted 2 days but I did take heaps of those 'go vitamins' and that yuck as vitamin C gel stuff. So if you have a cold my advice is crank dem vitamins.

Oh right fashion week! I couldn't really be bothered covering everything so I have just picked out 3 highlights and here they are...

1) Leather Jackets

There were 2 stand outs in the leather jacket department. I have been hunting for a good leather jacket for a while now so I consider myself a bit of a leather jacket pro. My two faves were the the Stolen Girlfriends one, which was just your classic biker. Everyone needs a classic biker jacket in their wardrobe. The other one goodie was the Zambesi leather jacket with tassels. Just look at the pictures...

2) Kate Sylvester dressing gown

Need this!!! I feel like this is one of those things you'd feel really sexy in and you could wear it like a light coat or as a dress. Marni looks bloody dreamy in it. Loveeee.

3) Twenty-seven names sweaters and linen

And pretty much everything at twenty-seven names...
Plus you should watch this super cute lil interview Dave did with the girls. Those girls are da best.  <3


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