Saturday, September 12, 2015

Things to do this weekend

What's with me and writing lists at the moment? Okay so I'm mostly writing this because I went to this really awesome play on Wednesday and I want to tell people to go. I don't know much about plays and crap but I went to this and enjoyed it LOTS! So yep I have 4 things for you to do this weekend and here they are:

1) So number 1 is of course... go to this play

2) You should not talk about the flag cause it's going to be a shitty fern and everyone knows it should be the red peaky one but it won't be. So get over it everyone the more you talk about it the more upset you will be when that one isn't chosen!

3) Make Afghans from the Edmonds cookbook recipe. It's ridiculously easy and very noms. I'm not good at anything and I didn't mess these up so this is a good place to start if you want to start doing more baking.
Here's the ones did, I put M&Ms on the top instead of walnuts or whatever is usually on them cause I'm 5 years old.

4) Go for a jog and listen to this:


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