Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dominion Rd with Kelly #1 Eden Noodles Cafe

Drawing // Kelly Pochyba 

Hey freaks!
So this is a new adventure I am embarking upon with my good friend Kelly Pochyba. Kelly is a lanky babe I spend far too much time with and she is going to be writing this weekly post for me. She will explain more so bloody read on folks...

In my opinion, having hobbies is the coolest shit you can have. I don’t think I like people who don’t have hobbies. Get a hobby – don’t be shit. (If you don’t have one or multiple) In saying this your hobbies can be whatever you want them to be, I’m not one to talk, for the past three weeks I’ve been crafting a fucking paper mache business fish mask for Halloween. But Halloween is nearly over, which means I’m going to have to start up a new hobby.

Which brings me to why I’m here. Maddy and I are going to attempt to eat at every single restaurant on Dominion Road. We considered doing every single eatery but honestly fuck Columbus Caf√©.  I’ve always wanted to be a Waitakere Ranges master and know every single walk off by heart but what’s the next best thing folks…knowing where I can get the best god damn dinner on Dominion Road.

If you’re wondering if I’m scared I’ll get food poisoning - The answer is yes.  The first time I went to Eden Noodles Cafe (which is actually where our journey begins) I thought I was going to die at 2am. However those dumplings are so good I’m more than happy to feel like I’m on me last day.

On this particular eve I was very hungover. I tried convincing Maddy to rain check Eden noodles as I honestly though the Sichuan peppers would rip me a new arsehole, but she wouldn’t have a bar of it. So there we were, 2 girls in Maddy’s Kia leaving our beloved Eastern Suburbs heading into the big smoke.

I’m not gonna talk you through what happened step by step. I’m gonna tell you about Eden Noodle Cafe. I know it was only our first Dominion Road stop but guys we started off with a bloody banga. Those dumps are truly the best dumps I’ve had.

If you cannot handle spice very well I say you gotta get everything mild. I think you gotta get dumplings in spicy sauce and dan dan noodles. It’s a bloody killa combo, a true masterchef dish.

A lil tip from me – get some dan dan noodles, chuck em in a bowl, add some dumps in there too and add some of that spicy sauce and faaaaark m8, thank me later honestly.

I know there’s a whole menu to explore and I’ve explored some of it in the past but honestly nothing compares to these 2 dishes. Unless if someone has recommendations please holla so I can find any excuse to go back.

The drink selection at Eden Noodles is pretty bleak so you gotta boost across the road (its on a huge intersection so be safe huh) and my beverage pairing would be a Golden Circle Golden Pash.

We absolutely demolished our meal, looked at each other, and decided it was time to get outta there.So afterwards, I felt better, the spice settled my stomach in the best way possible. All was good in the Pochyba household that night.

*Ps. There’s usually no tables cause this place is so bomb you have to wait a lil while.

*Pss, It’s worth it.

Kind regards,
Kelly Pochyba

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  1. haha i tried to do this in a single day. started at the far end and worked my way back. got as far as Balmoral shops. will have to do part two sometime