Monday, November 16, 2015

Things I should blog about

I'm writing a post right now mostly because I have to post the second edition of my Dominion Rd with Kelly series, and I haven't put any thing up since the last one, and I hate it when there are 2 of the same kinds of posts one after the other on my pathetic excuse for a blog. So I'm doing a REAL POST GUYS!
Sorry that was basically one big long sentence but I sort of speak like I'm just saying one big long sentence in real life.
Anyway so I'm posting about some things I thought I should post about, just things I'm into or thinking about at the moment that may be of interest to some other people.
Here goes nothing...

First of all I'm LOVING (slash loved because I just finished all the episodes) Aziz Ansari's Netflix series Master of None. I was told by Demi to watch it and then Dave was like "please just watch this" and so I did and ... HOLY SHIT BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. I liked it like as much as Girls and Broad City, and that's saying something. Damn it feels good to just watch a good show ep after ep. His relationship in it kills me it's so cute and awesome.

Next is music. I'm into a lot of new Bieber right now. But so is every girl ever I guess. Sarah made me listen to this track and it is V dope:

Also I just watched that video as i was writing this and it is fresshhhh.
Other music I'm listening to... Ummm James played me this Selena Gomez song 'Hands to myself' that's really great. 
Also this song:

and this song

What else is new umm... I bought heaps of new Lonely Hearts last week. Best decision of my life. I look like the freshest summer babe in my new cream skirt and having cool undies makes you feel 10x better just in general.
Oh! How did I almost forget about this. Okay so my latest obsession is this L’Authentique Chicken Liver Parfait stuff and I don't know much about it other than it tastes real good and its from Farro and it looks like this (not the big sausage thing, the packets of stuff behind the sausage):

So yeah other than that things are pretty chill. I've been working dat 9-5, I don't have any more uni stuff left for the year and I'm only being an emotional mess about 20% of the time, which is pretty good I feel. 
My birthday is on Friday! I'm going to be 24! How disgusting is that?! I'm pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence is like 24 and she probably has a house and she's banging the guy from Coldplay, meanwhile I just moved back to my mums house and I sleep next to a packet of strawberry liquorice every night. *monkey covering face emoji*
One cool thing that is happening is Kelly and I are doing a podcast together and the first episode of that should be out very soon! So I'll keep you all posted about that. 

Anyway I think that's enough for now. 
Look out for Kelly's post up tomorrow!


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