Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Journey Through Cropped Flares

Greetings from the worst blogger of all time!! It's a little bit sad that my wee blog has been so neglected. If my blog were a tank full of sea monkeys it would have maybe 2 out of the 300 sea monkeys still alive and they would be lots of mold and dust in the sad little tank. I won't go into a big spiel about why I haven't been blogging. I will just do a blog. How does that sound? You can't answer so I'll just assume you're replying "GREAT!".

Okay so every now and then I get on some sort of rampage.
Usually it begins with a photo I have seen of Leandra Medine or Alexa Chung wearing something, and ends with me spending all of my money. My most recent rampage have been in search of the perfect cropped flare. I've been seeing them everywhere lately, all you need to do is scroll through a couple street style photos on any website ever and you'll come across some of these curvy, stone-wash beauties. I used to think they were just for Sydney babes with sassy
Instagram accounts with lots of black and white and weird quotes, but I've changed my tune! I was on a mission to find the perfect pair and I actually found tons.
Since I worked to heard researching this topic I thought it would only make sense to share the fruits of my labor and possibly save someone else 73 hours of googling and scrolling in the interwebs. So in this post I have done 2 things. 1 I have some lovely picture of people wearing them that you could use as inspiration for your on cropped flare wearing and 2 I have included the best cropped flares you can actually buy right now! Woohoo...

Here is your cropped flare inspo:

And here is where to get them:

I believe these are available from MUSE Boutique. Great colour and the raw edge. Bloody nailed it.

These are very dope, they have that weird stitched bottom bit which I like and I like the super distressed wash.

This pair is heaps like the pair above it but not as expensive. Lol.

These are an awesome not to pricey option.

Topshop always has an option.

I ended up getting myself the least expensive pair because I had too many choices and I couldn't actually try any of them on because they are all only online. Plus I'm saving to move to New York. But you have the freedom to pick any pair you want! They might not even be on this list! The world is your cropped flare oyster!


(photos all stolen illegally from other websites, here's hoping no one who cares will read this/no one will read this at all)

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