Monday, March 14, 2016

Twenty-Neven Names Opened a Store in Newmarket

Took this photo on opening night and it's my fave photo of all time.

The feeling I get walking up down the cobbled path that leads to the new Twenty-seven names store on Osbourne Lane in Newmarket (you know, in that new bit where all the cool stores are popping up) is straight up excitement. Which is different to how I feel walking up to the opening of many other store openings or any ‘event’ type situations. A situation that might usually be a little awkward or intimidating is the complete opposite with these guys. It goes without saying that the clothing they make is out of this world amazing. The current collection is this peachy, linen dream hanging from perfect brass racks. But the great feelings are also hugely thanks to the beautiful personalities behind the label, Rach and Anjali. I always describe them as two of the best people in the entire world. They are both so smiley and gorgeous and ridiculously sweet.
I’ll always remember thinking when I was a little fashion grom that they were so nice to me and straight up cool compared to all of the weird freaky fashion people I had come across previously. They feel like my awesome big sisters of the fashion world. Kath is my other fashion sister and Leonie Barlow is my fashion mum. I just need a fashion dad… maybe that can be Steve Dunstan. Except I feel like he would hate being called that haha.
Anj is amazing, I feel like I like her so much because she sort of reminds me of a strange combination of my mum and my sister. She tells it how it is, but is also very funny and still the sweetest human being on earth. And Rach might be an actual angel, she is SO kind. I would hug them all the time if that were socially acceptable. Unfortunately it is not and also they live in wellington so I don’t get to see them nearly enough.

Anyways, that store though! Holy balls it is beautiful. The sandy coloured wooden counter and fitting rooms and brick tiled floor is classier than a first date degustation. Damnn. Twenty-seven names is like that girl in high school who is so perfect and good at everything that you want to hate her but you can’t because she’s also fucking awesome and so you just want to be her best friend. But then you don’t want to be creepy so you just admire her from afar, stalk her Facebook regularly and always like her statuses.

The new store is all open now so go have a look and get the linen jacket. You’ll know the one I’m talking about.

Kind regrads,

Madeleine Budd

(sighing all my posts off like a shit email from now on) lol

Ummm beautiful 

Me and Anj lol

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