Monday, March 7, 2016

Words From a Professional Athleisure-lete

photo // outdoor voices

I know there are certainly some opposing viewpoints on this Athleisure business, but I am just going to come right out and say it: I am well and truly a supporter. The people who are against the Athleisure movement do have a strong argument. It is a lazy form of fashion and yes, it does strip away some of the necessary societal norms that may be the only thing stopping some people from wearing their pyjamas in public. However, pyjamas are totally already a thing. I hate to break it to you, but the battle has already been lost.
I love everything about Athleisure. It fits with every aspect of my personality, lifestyle, and overall attitude. If I could, I’d wear tights most days. I do draw the line at wearing sports gear to work, but that’s probably the only place I wouldn’t. Without a word of a lie, I once wore my Nike tights to a Marr Factory fashion show under my Twenty-Seven Names camel jacket and a grey Uniqlo sweater. It was nighttime so nobody would have been able to see much anyway but I remember feeling like a bit of a rebel for doing it. A very comfortable rebel.
This passion for Athleisure means I always have my eyes out for my next sporty splurge so here are some of the fitspo-fits I’m lusting over at the moment…

I’ll start with my favourite. Outdoor Voices is a US fitness label I am a little bit obsessed with at the moment. I don’t even have any of their stuff myself but their aesthetic speaks to me, I tell ya. They are fairly new, maybe 2-3 years old, and they are bloody smashing it. They just did a little colab with APC and they have worked with Man Repeller and J Crew too. I can’t really pick just one thing of theirs. I love the tonal sets they do and these cute little stirrup pants.

stirrup pants and merino sweater 

photo // OV


The short/tight combo is well... tight!

This look I actually have bought but it is not quite in my possession yet, as I’m waiting for it to arrive from Urban Outfitters (I must say ASOS, with their highly efficient delivery service, make everyone else look bad). The latest Rita Ora for Adidas Originals pack is a sporty Geisha dream. They’re certainly helping bridge the gap between sportswear, streetwear, and fashion. The same could be said about most Adidas Originals stuff but I’m not really a fan of it all. This outfit, however, I am. I can see me wearing it with some sneakers and a leather jacket and feeling very comfy-cool *insert emoji wearing sunglasses*

photo // urban outfitters
photo // urban outfitters
after thought:
these shoes...they are like cute Lego shoes and I need them!

Adidas Stella McCartney - Stella CC Sonic
photo //

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