Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Beautiful List

My big plan of blogging everyday until I leave to go away in June/July has been nothing but futile. I blame life. After work, uni, socializing, eating, sleeping, breathing and pottery there is literally no more hours left in a week, granted I do require more friend time than most to remain sane. But I'm going to make things very easy for myself, this post is literally a list of things I am thinking about buying but haven't yet. I do love a good list and I hear others do to. So I am creating, what I feel, is a very beautiful one. A beautiful list. What a perfect pairing. Enjoy.

The Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag with yellow inside of course. Yellow is my favorite colour by the way. It's the happiest colour. 
Also are bucket bags basic? Don't care still want one.

J Crew Swim. My J Crew jeans are the most wonderful things ever, jussayn. The swimwear I like because it's simple and fresh - like most things I am drawn to.

This smells really good, sort of a vanilla, musky scent. Great for winter. I actually just purchased some. You can get it from Simon James.

This dressing gown!!! I went and tried it on yesterday and boy was it good. It made me look very 'boss lady' and very 'effortless chic'. And yes I'm sorry for saying both of those phrases.

Are these ballet flats or just straight up ballet shoes? Either way I want to wear them and I don't go to ballet classes.

Finally, here's a Muji bed. There's pretty much no way you can get one here so you can looky but no touchy. 



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