Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New York: I'm here!

Top of the Rock

**Warning this is a massive cheese-ball post but I really wanted to do a good update especially for any people who might be thinking about moving to NY... or moving anywhere!**

Today is my 27th day in New York. So yeah, like almost 4 weeks.
My first few days here I was pretty stressed out and overwhelmed. But honestly, a few days is all it took for me to adjust. Initially, the part I found hard was obviously the heat(it's like 35 degrees some days), but also just intensity of being in a big city like this. There are tonnes of people everywhere and a few nutty street people around, plus the streets are a lot dirtier than in clean green NZ. And it's weird I’ve been to New York and America at least 20 times in my life but I for some reason notice more because I have moved here as opposed to just being on holiday.
But I don’t even notice any of that stuff now though. Other than that everything has been fricken awesome. There are so many things to do and places to eat. Everyone knows there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good café so most of my days start with me trying out a new café in Brooklyn or Soho. I already have a couple faves – Mogador and The Butchers Daughter.
My favourite thing to have for dinner is Japanese and I have 2 amazing Japanese places by me to which is dope. I don’t party heaps but sort of went out with some girls to this place Le Bain the other night. It was sooooo bad, basically Tyler Street Garage on a rooftop, but worth going just for the view haha. One of my favourite things I’ve done since being here is getting a Citi Bike for the day for $13 and riding in over the Williamsburg Bridge, around Cental Park and then going for a wander around the Met. My other favourite thing to do is go to UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) in Chelsea which is a little underground theatre started by a bunch of Comedians including Amy Poehler. On Saturdays at 10:30pm they do an improv show called Grandma’s Ashes and it’s so great. I’ve been every week since I got here. I also went to a show on Sunday, which was aaaaammaziing too. I used to go watch Snort in Auckland all the time and I’m not gonna lie the comics from Auckland would give the UCB comics a run for their money!

So yeah there are plenty of fun things to do and I am enjoying that part of NY, but also what makes it so great is the people.

I have met so many people in the short time I have been here. You have to just put yourself out there a bit and message people you might not know super well and be like “Hey! I’m new here! Lets hang out!” and you'll find people are so kind and hospitable. I have had a tonne of people take me out to places and introduce me to other new people and I have already made some really great friends. Pretty much everyone in New York came here from somewhere, so they have all been in your position and love to help new people out.

In terms of boring stuff like a job and an apartment, I have a great place in Williamsburg off the L which is in a really good location. I’m living with my friend Kevin from Auckland who has been doing a great job of looking after me. I was super lucky with my place because Kev sorted it all out so I didn’t have to do Craig’s List or Air BnB or any of that stuff.
From what I have heard from some of my other friends it can be tough finding a good place, in a good location at a reasonable price with good people. What most people do is Air BnB when they first get here then try find places online or through friends. You have to pay at least $1200 a month for anything decent.

I haven’t started working yet. I saved a bit before I left so I would have a bit of time once I got here to look for a job and explore for a while.  Meeting people and talking to people is the best way to find work. Sometimes when I'm doing job applications online I feel like I’m just screaming out into an empty ocean. But I have had a far better response just talking to people and them putting me in touch with people etc.

I think the trick with a new city is just that. Get out and say yes to everything when you first get here. Text literally everyone you know and do as much as possible. Soon you will start to figure out how you fit into it all. The majority of human beings are so nice and everyone wants to help everyone so just bloody go for it.
I can already tell that moving here was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
So if you’re thinking about it, or even if you’re not thinking about it, you should just do it! All the nerves and stuff I felt before leaving I now realise were for nothing.

I'll keep updating on the blog and on Instagram/Snapchat and all that stuff.

If you want to know more about getting the Work USA visa go to the IEP website http://www.iep.co.nz/ or you can just email mike@iep.org.nz and tell him you want to do what Maddy Budd did and he can sort you out. Everyone there is so lovely and helpful.



  1. Cool post Maddy. Have you tried My Wife Freidas on Lafayette. Not far from Butchers Daughter. Also Delicatessen corner of Spring and Lafayette. Both are great.