Friday, August 12, 2016

Take 5 with Tyla McKenzie

By now I'm sure you all know who Tyla is. She's my twin/bff/happy place. We met on our first day of uni and we were wearing the same pair of Sylvester shorts... So yeah you could say it was destiny. 
Tyla is the sweetest girl with impeccable taste and style. Born and raised in the Mount, after school she left NZ to go live in London for a couple years, then moved back to Auckland to study business and be best friends with me. She is now in a new role at H&M being a bossy as marketing lady. 
Basically nailing life.

I love her tons, so take 5 to learn a bit about her why dontcha!

Picture 1 - You wearing something you love. Ben's jumper. I shrunk it in the dryer so now it fits me perfectly. 

Picture 2 - Your favorite Kai. Anything Mexican, specifically fish tacos. These ones are from Lacalita in Bali. 

Picture 3 - Favorite place.  The beach. Any beach, any time of day. I'm a thousand times happier as soon as I get near the ocean. 

Picture 4 - Something you can't live without.A good flat white. I'm a different human after my morning caffeine fix. Being away from home makes you realise how bloody good NZ coffee is! 

Picture 5 - Something that makes you happy.  
Dinner at my grandparents. My Nana is a phenomenal cook and their house is literally in the sand dunes. They have this beautiful out door kitchen, covered in fairy lights that over looks Papamoa beach. I love taking all my friends there. 


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